Local pastries

We love our bakeries and are excited to offer a little something for everyone. Our list of local bakers includes:

Mighty-O-Donuts - vegan, organic

Little Ray's Bakery - nut free

Blazing Bagels

Le Fournil - authentic French pastries

NuFlours - gluten free

Skydottir Epic Cookies - gluten free, vegan, soy free

Air roasted, fairly traded, organically grown coffee

Great care goes into the selection of our organic green beans, because every step from the fields to your cup counts. All of our beans are purchased through fairly traded practices, with the majority of our organic green beans purchased through the CafĂ© Femenino Foundation.  We then roast in small batches using a Sivetz air roaster.  It's a unique process in which the beans roast to perfection on a bed of air while the chaff (the outer skin of the bean) is sucked from the roasting chamber.  Chaff can often times be left to burn in roasting chambers, leaving a bitter, charred flavor to the coffee. Our coffee is left tasting clean, without any lingering bitter aftertaste, and the true flavor of each individual coffee can truly appreciated. You can enjoy our coffee in our lovely cafe' or contact us to bring our coffee to your place of business.

Wide selection of milks

Our selection of milks includes local organic dairy milk as well as several milk alternatives including soy, rice, hemp, almond, hazelnut, and coconut milks. And they all pair nicely with our homemade chocolate sauce made from organic direct trade cocoa from Costa Rica and sweetened with pear/pineapple concentrate and honey. Makes for the best mochas around!